Metalnerd PD Tool Kit for 2005.5 & 2006 Jetta TDI (BRM engine)

All of the special tools necessary to set proper TDI injection timing on a 2005.5 and 2006 Jetta TDI with the BRM engine.

Kit Includes: 

1. The red handle "L" pin is for setting the cam to 
Top Dead Center (TDC). 
2. The plain metal "L" pin is to de-tension and hold the serpentine belt tensioner while you are changing the timing belt. 
3. The purple colored crank lock holds the crank perfectly still at TDC while you are changing the timing belt. 
4. Cam sprocket holding tool. This is the long green tool. The pins on the left end hold the spokes of the cam sprocket and allow you to precisely adjust cam timing.

Click here for third party timing belt replacement procedure.