VanGogh Broken Engine Block Saver for ALH and BEW TDI engines


Save Your TDI Engine!

Our innovative bracket fixes all 1998 - 2006 ALH and BEW TDI engines in Golf, Jetta and New Beetle where the rear upper ear has broken off of the engine block. Our bracket makes this part of the engine mounting system stronger than stock. This kit will save you a lot of time and an engine! Believe it or not, many cars have been totaled and many engines have been replaced simply because this mounting ear had broken off. And our fix lasts forever!

Installation: The repair bracket can be easily installed with the engine in place. First make sure that the 8mm and 10mm threads for the mounting holes in the engine block are clean before mounting this repair as there is likely rust present in these threads. Thread the bolts into the holes by hand first to see if cleanup is needed. If necessary, use an M10 x 1.5 tap and an M8 x 1.25 tap to chase the threads. The block saver bracket should be fastened to the back of the block with the short upper gold M10 bolt and lower M8 bolt. Initially leave the bolts very slightly loose. Next install the 3-post engine mount-to-block bracket. Use the supplied long M10 bolt in the upper rear position and the factory bolts in the lower and front positions of the 3-post bracket. Fully thread all 3 bolts by hand, then tighten. Once the 3-post bracket is installed, finishing by tightening the other two bolts supplied with the repair bracket.

Please note that this kit comes only with hardware to attach the repair bracket to the engine. You must also replace every one of the engine mount bracket bolts that are contained in the separate bolt kit available here. We offer the bolts as a separate kit since most high quality timing kits will include them.

Beyond the pictures on this page, no other instructions are included with this kit.

For our customers outside of North America: This kit also fits Euro-spec cars equipped with Volkswagen engine codes ALH, BEW, AJM, AQM, AGR, AHF, ASV, ATD, AXR, BKD, ARL and ASZ and more. The kit will also fit Pumpe Düse TDI engines that DO NOT have the diagonal gusset as pictured below. If your car has the gusset, then you need the late PD BRM VanGogh.

US Shipping:  We offer FedEx 2nd Day for just $7.99 and it will deliver on Saturdays, too! Overnight delivery is available as well. We ship Monday through Friday from Colorado.

International shipping:  In these uncertain times we offer the slightly more expensive but much faster FedEx International Economy® service. FedEx will likely collect local taxes upon delivery. USPS shipping is currently suspended due to USPS system backlogs.  Also, for Canada, the new USMCA trade agreement will reduce taxes and duties on this item.

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mr deez
great tight setup

this thing is sweet. a bit of a pain to get the top mounting bolt tight at their is not much clearance. a bit if patience and a low clearance 15 mm wrench will get it in otherwise if you have your turbo off it would be 5 min job. all in all worth it 100% good work

Thanks! Way easier to replacing an engine...

My 1.9 TDI is still running

My local car repair shop called the factory which produces the motors for VW, and they told them that there is no way to fix my broken engine tab. And a new block costs about 2500 € ...
So I started to research and found Diesel Geek and this "Broken Engine Block Saver" for my ATD and bought it. 48 h later the package was in Germany!
My local car repair shop was speechless and mounted this part and replaced also the timing belt and the water pump.
That was before more than 25 000 km and the Engine Block Saver works absolutely fine!

Thank you for saving me so much money!

I feel sorry for the people who got a new motor because of this "little" damage and the enormous amount of thrashed motors...


I was quoted just over $5K by a couple different shops to fix the broken block issue. Options I was given were engine replacement or having the block stripped so a new ear could be welded on.

Enter the VanGogh, where I did the job myself in an afternoon for WAYYY less $$$. It's a beefy part that won't be going anywhere when properly mounted.

As a side note, if you have this problem check your timing belt! You'd almost have to go out of your way NOT to when you install this part, but it should be said all the same. I found significant damage to my TB getting ready to install this part because the front engine mount bracket had come in contact with the outer edge of the belt.

Great product!

Bracket bolted right on and worked perfect

This worked great!!!

It put the 1.9 diesel back in it's rightful place

Customer Reviews

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