Injection Pump Seal Kits

You can reseal your own leaking TDI injection pump!

  If your TDI injection pump is leaking fuel, you have come to the right place for new pump seals, tools, and DIY information. We have VW TDI injection pump seal kits and tools to successfully fix a leaking Bosch VP 37 TDI injection pump for cheap! Our seal kits offer absolutely huge savings compared to the expense of the diesel injection pump replacement. We also offer cheap domestic and international USPS 1st Class shipping!

Helpful Hint: If your pump is leaking but the car runs fine otherwise we would suggest buying the first two items below to save time and shipping expense. If one seal is leaking, then the other two will start leaking when you fix the first. Getting everything in one shot with the Deluxe kit is a time and money saver.
Deluxe Injection Pump Seal Kit for TDI
MN3001 Metalnerd Socket for Bosch Triangular Bolt
Viton Pump Head O-Ring Seal Kit