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It's All About Time.

  When I was younger my time was free. I didn't have much money but I could (and did) waste time like it would never end. When it came to working on my car, I would get lost in a project and hours and hours would slip away. I learned a lot without having to watch the clock.

  Things are different now. Time has become more valuable and other priorities such as kids, a house and work demands chip away at the free time to tinker with my car. Now time has become the scarce resource. As a younger man, I never imagined that it would happen but it has. Now when my car is in need of repair or maintenance I need to get it done quickly or else I know it might not get done at all. If you can identify with my situation and if your time is no longer free then you are in the right place as my mission with dieselgeek.com is to save your time.

  At Dieselgeek, we're all about saving you time. To achieve this, we have put together many kits that are very specifically aimed at reducing the headaches associated with owning and maintaining your car. One example is our heavy duty Panzer aluminum skid plate kit. The Panzer installs easily with many custom parts and once installed, it keeps your fragile oil pan intact for the life of the car and gives you Peace of Mind that you or a loved one won't be stranded in any unsavory places. Our Deluxe timing belt kits include many exclusive value added parts to greatly reduce the time required to get this major service completed. Finally, our Van Gogh broken engine block fix brackets can save an engine that would otherwise need to be replaced. What a time waster that would be!

  Some have tried to duplicate our kits but the custom parts we include set us apart due to the time saved! We have spent a great deal of our time and energy in formulating the contents and design of our kits to do nothing but save you time. In addition, a good part of our success in this endeavor has to be credited to valuable input from our customers and from the vast TDI knowledge bases available at www.tdiclub.com and at www.myturbodiesel.com. Immense amounts of time has been saved for many, many people by the sharing of information on forums like these.

-Jim Royston
a true diesel geek

Below is our Shipping location only. We do not have a storefront. We DO NOT have any way for you to pick up items!:

16007 W 5th Ave
Golden, CO 80401

Phone: (720) 477-0996 Please note that all orders go through the website so if you can punch it in yourself it will save you and us a lot of time. Ordering online is also much more secure than giving us your information over the phone. Please note that we only have one phone line so if we don't answer on the first try we are probably talking to another customer. Please try calling us back in 5 minutes. We'll also try to call you back if your number shows up on caller ID.

Emailing us is preferred: sales@dieselgeek.com 

Our Business Hours are 9 - 4:45 Monday through Friday, Mountain Standard Time