Solid Stick VW Shifter SHAFT Bushing Kit


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Fix your wobbly shifter shaft!

 Every single Volkswagen Group car from around the year 2000 onwards needs these bushings. VW chose spongy rubber bushings for the upper and lower spring seats on the shifter stick and even when brand new they did not keep the shifter stick centered in it's aluminum or plastic housings very well.  Our CNC machined bushings are made on Swiss screw machines here in the USA for unparalleled precision! The Solid Stick lower spring seat bushing takes out all of the slop in the shifter stick. This kit is your first step in eliminating the excess play in your shifter. Get it now! 

This bushing kit fits the following cars:

2000-2024 VW Golf, GTI, R32, Rabbit and Golf R
2000-2024 VW Jetta, GLI or Bora
2000-2010 VW New Beetle (All)
2012-2019 VW Beetle
2005-2024 VW Passat B6, B7 and B8
1999-2006 VW Lupo
1995-2009 VW Polo
1996-2020 VW Caddy
2001-2024 VW Sharan
2003-2024 VW Touran
2003-2010 VW Touareg
2006-2015 VW Eos
2002-2007 VW Phaeton
2000-2005 Audi A2
1999-2024 Audi A3 and S3
2012-2024 Audi Q3 
2005-2024 Audi TT, TTS and TTRS (8J0 and newer)
2001-2024 Seat Alhambra
1997-2004 Seat Arosa
2004-2015 Seat Altea
2000-2009 Seat Cordoba
1999-2007 Seat Ibiza
2000-2016 Seat Leon and Cupra R
1999-2024 Seat Toledo
1997-2024 Skoda Octavia
2000-2006 Ford Galaxy TDI 

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Customer Reviews

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Fits perfect on my mk7.5 Golf R

Chris S
Really tightened up shifter slop on 2010 Jetta

This is a very simple fix to really tighten up your shifter. The force it takes to push down for reverse feels like a new car again and theres a very notable change in side to side slop.

Thanks Chris.

Nicole H
You need this!

I have gotten several items from Diesel Geek and they are always amazing. What's more important though is how well they perform. As someone who has the sigma short shifter, super Pin and now these bushings; I 100% stand by Diesel Geeks products. They not only completely change the feel of your car - in a good way - they are solving issues that many, MANY manufacturers ignore. These bushings not only definitely help stiffen up the shifter assembly, it's also a bit of preventative maintenance. No crappy plastic bushings, no problem! You should definitely buy this ^^^

Thanks Nicole!

Carlos Salvetti
I didbit again.

Before it was my car, this time my daugther's car lost 1st gear. Purchased the kit again, installed and it worked like a charm.

Pricey? Yes, but it is a complete kit that will solve all your issues on an MKIV.

Adam Marshall
Not worth the price for newer VW cars

The lower bushing did not fit into the designated spot. I had to push it down in with some force only to have the shaft stick. Wasn't able to notice a difference with them being on either. For my MK6 TDI this was not worth it and over priced in my opinion. I would pay maybe $5 for this.

Hi Adam. Well, I'm sorry that the lower bushing did not fit your housing. I'm curious as to what you did to make it fit. Not fitting is a rarity but with all manufactured goods there are manufacturing tolerances. I wish I had been given the chance to send another bushing. I will send one if you want me to.

How it works: The shifter sticks sit inside a pivot housing. The pivot housing has a ball at the bottom that the front to back cable attaches to. The pivot housing also has a finger toward the driver side that sticks into a steel bellcrank and actuates the side to side, or gate selection shift cable. So, the stick that you put your hand on is isolated from the pivot housing by rubber bushings at the top and bottom. These bushings are replaceable at the top (SHAFT Bushings) but are not replaceable at the bottom. The slop from the stock top rubber bushing while it is less when it is new will grow over time as the bushing ages. This will result in less and less precise shifting. You might not notice it until you start having a harder and harder time getting into first gear as the stick deflects more and more when pushing it left. If it starts coming apart you will notice and it is not a matter of if but when. I know this because of what I see doing what I do. It will fail. I guarantee it. So, by replacing it now you will never have this failure and your shifter stick will not deflect until the rubber at the bottom of the stick goes bad. The bottom bushing is molded onto the stick and is not as prone to deflection as there is much less rubber between the stick and the housing as compared to the top.

Let me know if you want me to help you get this sorted. My phone number is on my About Us page.

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