Super Slider for 2008 and newer VW and Audi


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Finally there is a high performance replacement for your tiny stock slider or "friction piece" as VW calls it. Our CNC machined slider snaps onto your stock side to side bell crank's 11 mm ball with a very gratifying SNAP! The tolerance on the Super Slider is so tight that there is no slop whatsoever between the 11 mm ball and the groove in the front to back shift lever it slides into. This part will take out all of the side to side slop in the union between the front to back and side to side shift bracket. An added benefit is that since it has far more surface area than the stock piece it will last forever! (see picture at left) Fits all 2008 and newer stock five speed or six speed shifters including most other manufacturer's short shift kits with black plastic bell crank shown in picture. This part does not fit the Dieselgeek Sigma Shifter as our short shifters are equipped with custom, high performance sliders. We have the 10mm Super Slider for 2000-2007 metal bell cranks here. If you have an 3rd party shifter with a metal bell crank, please contact us prior to ordering.  Made in the USA on American machinery. 

What this part fits:

2012 - 2020 Golf R Mk6 and Mk7
2008 - 2020 VW Golf and GTI (Mk5, Mk6, Mk7, Mk8
2008 - 2020 VW Golf and Jetta Sportwagen
2008 - 2009 VW Rabbit 
2012 - 2019 VW Beetle
2008 - 2020 VW Jetta and GLI
2008 - 2020 VW Passat and CC
2009 - 2017 VW Scirocco
2008 - 2016 VW Eos
2008 - 2020 VW Tiguan
2008 - 2020 Audi TT, TTS, and TTRS
2008 - 2020 Audi A3, Cabriolet and S3
2011 - 2020 Audi Q3 and RS Q3
2008 - 2020 Seat Toledo, Leon, Alhambra, Altea, and Mii
2008 - 2020 Skoda Fabia, Octavia, Yeti

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Great part fast shipping.

Nate Morrow
Super Slider for the win

Fantastic product and support videos for this transmission setup.
I bought a 2006 tdi jetta that had issues getting into first gear. Seller had bought the first gear getter but never installed it. After inspecting the original bushing i wasnt convinced the small amount of play I was seeing would cause this issue. I went ahead with the shift cable adjustments and ended up with first gear easy to grab but also with grinding going into third. Changed the transmission fluid hoping that would help things but it didn't. Google led me to your product videos. Which led me to inspect the slider. It was nearly non existent. I ordered the super slider and installed it last night. All my issues have gone away. Very well made quality part. 15 minute install. This simple easy fix transformed the shift quality of my car.

Thank you

Wade Stoddart
JDM Audi TT Quattro Mk1

I live in Canada and purchased a low kilometer 2000 MK1 Audit TT Quattro (Left Hand Drive 6 Spd from Japan...yes its a JDM) in Feb 2019 and noticed the shifting feel was loose but chalked it up to the age of the vehicle. Fast forward to August 2020, shifting was getting harder and would routinely be hard to get into R, 1st and 2nd gears. I learned about DieselGeek from other YouTube posts during the diagnosis of my Audit's shifting problem and was relieved to learn how simple it was to resolve the sloppy shifts. I immediately went to DieselGeek's site and selected the bushings for my application. It was during this time I also selected the super slider which was highly recommended by both VW and Audit owners who have also purchased this part. Install time for the super slider was about 1 minute and was in conjunction with the shifter bushing installation and gear shift/cable adjustment. The TT is always fun to drive but this repair has made it even better....I dare say it feels like a different car because of the improved shifter response. If the loose shifting had been ignored there likely would been an expensive tow truck bill or an even more expensive and unnecessary cable replacement repair diagnosis.

Carlos S
An essential part of improving the play on the plastic side to side plate

I installed the Super Slider along with the 42 Draft Design Shifter Bushing Set. The Super Slider helped eliminate the play between the side to side plate and the shifter. Installation was easy, I pulled off the old one and pushed the new one. I did lubricate the ball with some WD-40 and Lithium grease on the outside. It seemed to make the shifter a little smoother. I also recommend pulling the side to side plate towards the passenger side. This makes the Super Slider make contact with the shifter only on top and bottom. The rationale was less contact surface, less friction.

Drew M.

I just installed the super slider on my 2011 JSW TDI with 175k miles. As you can imagine the original slider was quite worn due to dirt build up - it wasn't that bad, but you could feel it in the shifter. After installing the slider the shifter was noticeably tighter and shifts much better! Install is straight forward, take the air box off if you have a TDI or GTI, you shouldn't have to take anything off if you have a 5 cylinder, pop the old one off and snap the new one on! I did however have some issues snapping mine on, so I put the slider into the shifter relay and then pressed the lever into the slider. I did it this way because I didn't want to snap the side to side lever as it was bending lol. Overall a great product and worth ever penny!

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