Skid Plate Parts

Self-Service Panzer Replacement Hardware

  We offer ALL of the skid plate hardware for our ALL of our skid plates, both past and present. For order accuracy we require that all hardware be purchased here online. Choosing your car from the left menu will take you to a page with a complete list of applicable hardware parts so you can order the parts you need. In most cases, dealer part numbers and fastener dimensions are given so you can also source these parts locally if you are in a pinch.
Full MK5/MK6 Panzer Hardware Kit -
12mm Stud for MK5/MK6 Panzer -
30mm Bevel Nut -
30mm Flat Nut for MK5/MK6 Panzer -
Hex Rivnut -
12mm Jam Nut -
9/16" Washer for MK5 and MK6 Panzer -
M10 x 35mm Hex Cap Screw -
12mm x 30mm Hex Cap Screw -
12mm washer -
MK5/MK6 Panzer Mounting Bracket - Sold out