Audi TT Panzer Plate for all 4 Cylinder 180 and 225 HP Audi TT for years 2000-2006


  Get the protection you need for your 4 cylinder 180 and 225 HP Audi TT! Our heavy duty aluminum Panzer Plate kits protect all of the parts in the bottom of the engine bay, including the cast aluminum oil pan, a/c compressor, power steering pump, transmission, and rear subframe. These items, and especially the super fragile, 2mm thick cast aluminum oil pan, can be easily damaged by road debris, ice chunks, and minor off-road excursions. Check out the first video below. Many Audi TT engines have been destroyed by road debris putting a hole or a crack in the aluminum oil pan and the subsequent loss of oil and oil pressure. Plus, these cars are very low to the ground and the stock front springs on these cars are relatively soft which causes the cars to bottom out frequently. Damage often occurs when bottoming out. Installing our hefty .190" inch thick aluminum skid plate will help you avoid costly repairs and give you peace of mind that your engine is protected!

  One additional benefit of the Panzer plate is that it acts as a rear subframe stiffener. The Panzer Plate also ties the rear subframe to the front intercooler tube cross brace which stiffens the whole front of the car. This triangulation will add crispness to the steering and make the chassis feel more solid, especially on TT Roadsters!

  All hardware is included in the kit with no drilling required. Installs in as little as one hour! This Audi TT Skid Plate Kit fits all 1.8T Coupe and Roadsters with manual transmissions only. This kit will not fit a TT with a Tiptronic automatic transmission or the TT with a 3.2 VR6. Also, the TT Panzer plate no longer includes the 1J0 825 250 AC splash guard described in the install manual. You may purchase this panel from your local VW dealer and cut to fit. It is not necessary for the mounting of the skid plate and only serves to keep water and dirt out of the side of the engine bay.

  Free Fedex Ground shipping to lower 48 state domestic USA addresses. Shipping to Canada is around $30. HI and AK are excluded from Flat Rate / free shipping. For a quote, please email your complete address to

  Made in USA!

Take a look at these pictures:

Click here for a picture of a destroyed Audi TT oil pan

Click here for a picture of yet another destroyed 1.8T oil pan.

Click here for a picture of scrap oil pans at dealer.

Printable PDF install manuals:

2000-2001 Audi TT

2002-2006 Audi TT

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Shawn Martin
Easy and Stout

I installed this Panzer Plate on my 2002 TT Roadster 225 hp by myself. That alone is surprising since I am not mechanically inclined and speaks to the relative ease of installation. Installation took me about two hours. The plate is heavy duty, made very well and once installed provides great protection for the underside of the vehicle. After two days of snow I had to drive the car to a medical appointment today and I could hear the plate plowing through the snow in the middle of the road. Great peace of mind - highly recommended.

Rhonnee Nazareno
Safe feeling

My 2000_Audi_TT_Mk1 quattro had been in an accident which torn most of the front bottom parts. My insurance covered all repairs including a replacement OEM bottom guard which cost more than the Diesel Geek panzer for my car. So, I requested to order the panzer instead of the plastic/rubber OEM cover and install it. Recently got my car back from the shop and saw the panzer for the first time and honestly looks great. It feels solid and strong and I believe I can run just about anything on the road , well just about anything but makes me feel safer that I don't have to worry about damaging my oil pan or anything underneath. Quality of this product is superb, bolts on easy (just need a friend to help you lift the panzer in place).

David Donovan
FMIC requires some fabrication skills...

so the front of this guy is meant to hang on to your intercooler cross-pipe. If you are like me you have a front mounted intercooler so there is no pipe to bolt to. This requires some fabrication and some level of how weight/force distribution works. I was able to figure mine out by using some lengths of steel chain, some threaded o-bolts, lock and crush washers, an angle grinder, and some fiddling around. It can be done, just not with the parts in the kit. I can unmount or mount mine in about five minutes and feel totally comfortable riding around with it in this configuration. If you do not have some spare time or a buddy with a rudimentary shop you may want to exchange some emails with the manufacturer, but I love the procust and ut has already saved ny oil pan a couple of times.

Brandon Blair
Going Strong for 1.5 years - Probably would have paid more if waited even though it costs less now

I bought this as soon as it came out on Diesel Geek. I was looking for a belly pan since, the plastic crappy one had already been destroyed. I was actually on a wait list at the time and as soon as it popped up I bought it. I think I paid more for it back then, but, looking at it now, I would have ended up spending a lot more if I had waited. You should see the crazy scratch marks that plate has protected my car from. Im not talking about little rocks kicked up, I'm talking about full bottom outs with concrete. Its still solid too, I've never had an issue, especially since I do all my own car work too. Honestly, if I ran into a mechanic that couldn't deal with the removal of the plate for an oil change, I guarantee they wouldn't lay a finger on my car.

Skid plate works well

This plate has improved the mpg on the vehicle, is very sturdy and looks great. It's also easy to check for fluid leaks from the engine and helps with diagnostic work.

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