MK6 Panzer Plate for New Body 2011-2014 Jetta SEDAN and 2012-2014 Beetle

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Don't get tagged by road debris! Get a Panzer and go forth with protection. Buy some Peace of Mind now before a retread or winter ice chunks take out your thin aluminum oil pan. See first video below for details. The Panzer fits like a glove!

Fits all 2011-2014 MK6 Jetta sedans with TDI diesel and both 2.0T and 2.5L gasoline engines. This kit also fits 2012-2014 Beetle with either the gas engine or TDI diesel. Does not fit Jetta Sportwagen. Jetta Sportwagen uses the standard MK5/MK6 Panzer. 

Note: If you have a MK6 Jetta GLI or Beetle 2.0T with code CPPA (California emissions), you have an air pump which is in the way of the front driver's side Panzer mount. Your engine code is printed on top of the timing cover. ( Click here for a picture of a CCT engine code sticker.) If you have the CPPA engine you can notch your air pump bracket with a hacksaw and then mount it between the Panzer mounting bracket and the frame rail.

Shipping: FedEx Ground shipping to most US addresses will be less than $30.00. Shipping to Canada can be as low as $75 with DHL Worldwide shipping.

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Panzer Plate on 2012 Jetta TDi

Let me begin by saying that I have previous experience with installing skidplates on 4x4s, and was very impressed with the quality of the Panzer Plate - I've seen far less substantial skidplates supplied for vehicles intended for trail use, so knowing that this one is on a par with ones I've previously fitted to my Jeeps is *very* reassuring.

That said, it paid for itself the day after I installed it: a very steep driveway exit would have smacked the oil pan off of the road as the car pulled out. One loud clang and a scuff on the plate later, no deformation was observed. The pavement was clearly worn down from where the plate contacted it, but it did its job and no damage was sustained.

As a bonus, it appears to have added a bit of rigidity to the front end that previously wasn't there - some interior creaks and rattles are gone, steering response feels more linear, and the body seems slightly more taut overall.

Great product, well-made, and effective. Highly recommended.

Panzer Plate

The added protection of the plate gives me such peace of mind. My husband and I installed it ourselves which was tricky at times, trying to get our hands into tight spaces to tighten nuts and screws and such. We luckily had a lot of the needed tools. All my family owns VWs and we all have skid plate now. I was a little disappointed that my plate did not have an oil drain access home like their plates do. I really don't want to be taking the plate on and off and I have concerns about what shops will be comfortable dealing with the plate and not chafing extra to deal with it.
I know maybe this sounds like a lot of not do great stuff, but every time I pull up too close to a curb and I hear that metal grinding I breathe a sigh of relief that I have the steel plate protecting my car rather than the factory plastic.

Piece of Mind

My drive to work is on desert backroads not maintained by the counties very well, after a near miss I stopped procrastinating and purchased a panzer plate. Service is prompt, packaged arrived in perfect condition. Installed in just a few hours, very simple straight forward directions, Panzer plate is a well built addition to my 2011 Sportwagen TDI.

Great product

The install went smoothly, only took about 45 minutes the end result is great. I decided to install the Panzer Plate since I lowered my Jetta about 2.5". Now, about 5 months post install I'm sure it's saved me many times. I'd recommend it

5 star...

Love having the skidplate. The installation was fine; my mechanic is a true TDI guru.

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