Viton Pump Head O-Ring Seal Kit


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Do you have to crank and crank your 1996-2003 TDI to get it started? Do you have a mysterious puddle of diesel on the floor of your garage? If so, you need our Viton head seal kit to get your old car back. Contained in this kit is a pair of o-ring seals in Viton material for the TDI injection pump's cast iron "head". The o-ring goes between the aluminum pump body and the cast iron head and is the fix for a pump that has lost it's prime. These Viton o-ring seals are superior to the green Buna o-ring supplied by Bosch. In addition to the two seals, the kit also comes with one 6mm Allen stop screw and eight plastic dust caps used as dust seals for the four injectors and four output delivery valves on the injector pump. The 55mm Allen stop screw is used to keep you from pulling the pump head out too far during the seal swap. We now provide two o-ring seals in case you damage one on your first try, a real convenience! This o-ring kit fits all 1996-2003 VW TDI injection pumps as well as all other rotary-distributor 'VE type' Bosch injection pumps used on IDI VW, Volvo, BMW, Range Rover, Dodge, Cummins, Toyota(denso) etc. 

 If you have a leaky pump you may experience trouble starting, overnight loss of prime, or chugging and white smoke after ignition. In the video below we highlight the proceedure to vaccum leak test and reprime a TDI Injection Pump. This is an excerpt from our full length, full detail, installation video delivered digitally free of charge with your seal kit purchase! 

 Install: The most comprehensive instruction can be found in our full length, full detail Injection Pump Re-seal instructional video included with every purchase! 

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Customer Reviews

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Stopped the leak


took me 6 months to finally install this with the hot summer finding time to get out there and work on this thing wasn't looking forward to it sound like a nightmare but really with the instructions it was fantastic first thing was I open it up and the seal was in one piece so I was sort of upset that it wasn't really the problem I changed it anyways got the new one in pulled the portion out was hoping I didn't pull it out too far put it back in...had a tough time priming it but I didn't have a suction thing so I kept filling it turnover filling it bleed the injectors blah blah blah but all in all worked a lot better than I expected

pier luigi
great product!

purchased to repair the Land Rover defender pump: kit received quickly. easy installation and excellent assembly instructions. very well. thank you

Paul Santos
Satisfying DIY

With the .pdf and some patience I got it done today!

First Class Product

Where this kit really shines is in the instructions which are precise and complete and very well thought out - be sure read them, read them again, follow every detail and you'll be rewarded. When the job was done the satisfaction of hearing my car fire up almost left me looking for another pump to fix (and I have the second o-ring!)

1. Recommend investing in a brass o-ring removal pick, inexpensive and available at your local industrial o-ring dealer or on-line. A tine from a narrow plastic tweezer might work, too. One slip with a large safety pin (and I was being really, really careful) left me polishing the groove for the next half hour. This was done in place with a carved wooden chopstick wrapped with a strip of 220 wet/dry emery paper moistened with Vaseline to confine the grit - no leaks!

2. Stretching the new, greased o-ring over the end of the pump body can be a bit awkward - consider trying a "funnel" cut from the top of a plastic drink bottle about the diameter of the pump head to guide it. The initial tension can be reduced by pre-stretching the o-ring over the same bottle.

Customer Reviews

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