Deluxe 100K MK4 ALH TDI Timing Belt Kit

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Our ALH Deluxe Kit is for 1998-2003 TDI owners who want maximum peace of mind.  

The good 'ol ALH...everything you need for your 1998-2003 MK4 TDI Golf, Jetta, Jetta wagon, or New Beetle timing belt job w/ engine code ALH. Includes all wearable parts in the belt path, plus the stellar Gates Green Stripe accessory belt and a few odds in ends that can save the day if you get thrown a curve ball while doing the job. The timing belt interval for the ALH engine code is 100K miles. Get all of the latest revision parts in one convenient kit! If you are planning a DIY replacement consider the specialty tool set sold separately. <LINK>

Why our kit is better:

  • We buy our timing belts, serpentine belts, rollers, and tensioners directly from the OE manufacturers so we have the freshest stock with the least amount of handling and storage.
  • We only offer Tier 1 OE supplier brand parts in our kits. Zero aftermarket SKF or GMB rollers or tensioners for complete peace of mind. 
  • We buy all of the engine mount bolts from the VW dealer. No cheap substitutions are made.
  • We only offer proven Hepu brand water pumps with steel impellers that will never separate from the shaft like plastic impeller pumps.
  • Our team has been selling this timing kit since 2001 and our finely honed packaging system means the parts are delivered to you in perfect condition.

  • Kit includes:

    Contitech TIming belt (038 109 119M)  
    Long Life Litens Timing Belt Tensioner (038 109 243N)
    Hepu steel impeller water pump (038 121 011A)
    Gates 100K Accessory belt (038 903 137J) 
    OE Vacuum pump seal (038 145 345)
    INA Large idler roller (038 109 244)
    OE stretch bolt for large roller (N 905 969 06)
    INA Small diameter idler roller (038 109 244E) 
    INA Small diameter roller (058 109 244) 
    M10 x 55 OE motor mount bolts x 2 (30 lb./ft + 1/4 turn) (N 105 167 02) 
    M12 x 55 OE  motor mount bolts x 2 (74 lb./ft) (N 102 096 05) 
    M10 x 85 OE horizontal motor mount bolts x 2 (N 907 124 03)   
    M10 x 110 OE horizontal motor mount bolt x 1 (N 103 280 02)
    Four M8 x 40 Allen screws (Grade 12.9 hardened) for harmonic balancer

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