Timing Tool Set for all 2015-2016 TDI engines

  We leveraged our 20+ years of servicing TDIs to produce the finest specialty timing tool set for your CVCA or CRUA engine! These tools function phenomenally and are meant to last a lifetime yet not cost a fortune. Every component is manufactured in the United States. 


 Our six piece set includes all specialty tools required to properly time the Common Rail diesel engine in all 2015-2016 Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Audi A3 TDI, and Passat TDI. Additionally this tool set is compatible with all 2004-2006 Pumpe Duse TDI. Applicable engine codes in these earlier vehicles are BEW, BHW, and BRM.

Free shipping when purchased with a timing belt kit!




  The video below depicts how to loosen & tighten the cam and HPFP fasteners without damage to the rig pins, cylinder head, or pump. The torque spec is 74ftlbs. Applies to EA288 engines CRUA & CVCA.


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Jan C.
Excellent parts kit, tool kit, and video!

I ordered the timing belt kit (with the video) and the tool kit, and it arrived the next day (I'm not too far away in CO, but still, super quick shipping). Everything was perfectly packaged. I set aside a day to do the job, and, I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was a joy to do the service. The money and time saved was secondary only to knowing that everything was done 100% properly. I'll leave this review under the parts kit, video, and tool kit.

Timing belt parts kit: includes everything to do the job, and the parts were all top quality, and obviously everything fit perfectly. Couldn't be happier at any price, but considering it was about 1/3 of the dealer quote for parts, well, that's just crazy.

Instructional video: this was easily THE BEST video I've ever seen for auto repair (or anything else for that matter). The clarity and level of detail was excellent. I watched it all the way through beforehand, and then just watched and paused while doing the job. When you're finished, you know you did everything 100% right.

Tool kit: unless you happen to already have specialty tools like the crank lock tool and the tri-spanner, then this kit is absolutely essential for doing the timing belt service. Everything worked perfectly.

Great kit. Tri-Spanner is ok..

Great tool kit to use when doing a timing belt job. Tooling was built to last and fit perfectly into their respective locations. Like the fact this kit can also be used on other PD engines like the BEW, Happen to own one of them too.

The Tri-Spanner will require a large wrench to go on the nut. In the video for doing a TB job, it showed the spanner with a off set holding spot for a braker bar or ratchet. This tool does not have that on it. Make sure you have a large wrench or crescent wrench to use on it.

Clean out the holes for the pin locks for both Cam and HPFP locking pins. Debris will be in there making the pins not want to go in that well and causing headaches.

Crank lock worked flawlessly! Pin dropped right into spot, with a good tight tolerance.

Recommend this kit when doing the job! Just make sure you get a wrench for the Tri-Spanner prior to tearing into the car.

Thanks for the thoughtful review Andy.

We developed the tri-spanner to be a more user fiendly alternative to the available tools. The large wrench lands are necessary to accomodate a counter bore through which a 24mm socket can pass in order to service the HPFP nut on the 2015 CVCA and CRUA. Many 12' and nearly all 15' adjustable wrenches have sufficient jaw opening.

I really wish we'd had our tools when we had access to the 2015 Golf to shoot the video but the timing didn't work out. I think if you had the opportunity to be hands-on with both versions of spanner for this job you'd agree that ours is the way to go.


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