24mm Tri socket rental and new seal for the TDI Injection Pump center plug


This socket rental now comes with the pump head center plug o-ring seal.

Every once in a while we get a customer with a pump leak that is unlike most leaks. There is a center plug between the four injector lines that has an o-ring seal. This socket is required to remove and replace the center plug. We offer the sockets as rentals since repair is uncommon. $30 of this $50 is a core charge which you get back when you send the socket back.

This is a $15 rental of our specially machined 24 mm tri socket to replace the center plug seal on the TDI injection pump. Added to the rental price is a $5.00 prepaid US domestic USPS return shipping label to return the clean socket after the seal has been replaced. When you are finished with the repair, put the clean socket in the included prepaid padded envelope, seal it and drop it in the US mail when you are done. (If you are outside of the US, no return label will be provided.)

A $30 deposit is part of the $50 price and is refundable within 20 calendar days of placing a rental order for this socket, assuming the tool is returned in usable and clean condition. We reiterate clean since USPS will not accept the return envelope if smells like or is wet with diesel fuel or any other liquid. 

Please select the shipping carrier and speed of outbound shipping you require during checkout.

Installation of center plug seal: Remove injector lines from engine. Remove center plug with our 24mm socket. Remove the old o-ring seal from center plug, clean the plug and o-ring groove thoroughly and then install the new o-ring seal included with this package. (Do not loosen the 12mm-headed calibration screw in the center of the center plug.) Replace center plug and injector lines, re-prime pump and start the engine. Check for leaks. There are no special tricks or anything to fall out of place when doing this procedure. It's a simple replacement of an o-ring and nothing more. "Good and tight" (Gutenteit) is the official Bosch torque spec.

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Paul Simon
Injection pump head seal o-ring replacement

I had replaced upper and lower rectangular seals and large o-ring on the head, but still had a dripping leak. That source was the large 15/16 sized plug o-ring which I changed. No leaks now.
Thanks for DieselGeeks socket, which I am returning today and the o-ring and the very timely service.

Pump center plug socket and oring

Replaced both IQ gaskets, still leaked but not there, replaced the large round oring on the head using the safety bolt to not drop the internal shim, still leaked🤬. Finally called DieselGeek, Tyler said one other possible leak, center plug oring was replaced with the rental socket and now NO LEAKS😳👍. Don’t use brake cleaner to clean tha ALH TDI, that’s when all my leaks started, cf course the car is 22 years old, but happy now!!!

Awesome Gary, I'm glad that was it.

Perfect Tool to fix a leak

This review is more for Jim's service than the tool itself.

The tool works, shipping was way faster than could be expected, included a return envelope, and was exactly as described.

I had been chasing a fuel leak. Did the pump head seal using Jim's guides and videos. Leak had stopped. Then it came back. On a Sunday afternoon, Jim replied to an email about a leaking pump with suggestions of what else it might be.

He looked at my order history, and even told me I already had the seal, just needed the tool to fix this o-ring.

I can not recommend DieselGeek enough. They are what all businesses should be.

Tim Peters
Socket for Fixing Leaky Injection Pump

This socket was exactly what I needed to fix my leaky injection pump. This enabled seamless removal of the seal on the end of the pump. No more leaky pump and great mileage has returned!

Customer Reviews

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