Deluxe Injection Pump Seal Kit for TDI


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All of the TDI pump seals you will need in one package.

Kit includes the three most commonly needed seals to reseal all leaking injection pumps on the following North American spec cars:

1996-1997 Passat TDI
1997-1999 Jetta III TDI
1998-2003 New Beetle TDI
1999.5-2003 Golf TDI
1999.5-2003 Jetta TDI

 If you have a leaky pump you may experience trouble starting, overnight loss of prime, or chugging and white smoke after ignition. In the video below we highlight the proceedure to vaccum leak test and reprime a TDI Injection Pump. This is an excerpt from our full length, full detail, installation video delivered digitally free of charge with your seal kit purchase! 

Install: The most comprehensive instruction can be found in our full length, full detail Injection Pump Re-seal instructional video included with every purchase! Replacement of the two rectangular quantity adjuster seals requires the Metalnerd MN3001 anti-tamper socket which is available <AT THIS LINK>. 

All of the best TDI pump seals you will need in one convenient time and money saving kit!

  • Upper and lower quantity adjuster seals (shown at top). 
  • Two round Viton seals for the pump head (shown at bottom). (We include two pump head seals in case you pinch the first one on your first attempt. It happens sometimes but no worries, we've got you covered! 
  • Eight plastic caps for the injector lines and delivery valves when you have the system open to keep dirt out of your pump and injectors
  • Black Allen screw to limit the outward travel of your pump head when changing the seal. 

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Customer Reviews

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The best

Thank goodness that diesel geek exists! No way that I could ever get to 400k miles without this stuff. Thanks!


This seal kit is exactly what I needed. Wish it had instructions, no idea what the bilt was for, did not match length of other bolts. My car had a no start due to leaking pump at the head o-ring. Easy to install, took me less than an hour. Set pump timing and injection quantity car has never ran better. I don't know why I never set these both. Saved money and time.

No more leaks!!! Saved $$$$$$

What an amazing write up and video that came with the injector seals. The instructions were spot on!!

I called around a few shops and wants to see if they were willing to change out my seals and all of them recommended getting a pump replacement. Got the car from Washington State. When I stated driving the car in CA and put CA diesel, it started to leak diesel fuel from the IP.

The videos were spot on!! Just follow the instructions and you will be fine

Thank you so much !!!

Wow, what a fantastic vlaue. I am sooooo happy.

My local show would have been very happy to hand me a 4-digit price tag for replacing the injection pump on my TDI, to correct a fuel leak under the top plate. This seal kit & the specialty tool for the anti-tamper bolt were all I needed to fix the problem & the price tag on that was only 2-digits. That is a fantastic value. My savings can be measured in orders of magnitude.

I was fortunate. My only leak was from the very top gasket. I was able to replace that 1 gasket without needing to mess with any of the pump adjustments. It was a simple nuts & bolts job with a little cleaning needed before I started the job. It was a 15-minute DIY job from start to finish. I am back to 47mpg from less than 20, & the fuel stink is gone.

I am sooooooo happy.

Can’t beat it... saved hundreds

My AHU injection pump was leaking from the top and QA seals and the shop wanted over $250(!) to reseal it, so I bought this kit to do it myself.

Wow was it easy! I changed the fuel temp sensor while I was at it. Be sure to prime the pump using a suitable vacuum pump and set the quantity adjustment using a VW scan tool. I bought one off amazon for cheap and it worked fine.

Note that this reseal kit is for the pump seals only and does not include injector seals for mounting the injectors in the engine.

You will need the special triangle socket to do the job, as well as a torque wrench and scan tool.

Customer Reviews

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