Deluxe MK4 Panzer Plate and FMJ Side Skirt Combo

Save $50.00

  If you're ready to go all the way with your MK4, this Deluxe Combo is the choice for you. It features both our Panzer skid plate and Full Metal Jacket side panels. MK4 Panzer Plate and the Full Metal Jacket Side Skirts at a discounted price! This combo works with all MK4 cars worldwide with the exception that 2006-2010 New Beetles with the 2.5 gas five cylinder engine cannot use the passenger side Full Metal Jacket side panel due to engine length. If you have a 2006-2010 New Beetle you can order the MK4 Panzer and the driver side Full Metal Jacket side panel alone. 

What it fits

  The MK4 Deluxe Panzer skid plate fits all 1998-2006 MK4 Jetta, Golf, GTI, GLI, R32 and all 1998 through 2006 New Beetles*, regardless of engine or transmission. This kit also fits all 2007-2010 City Golf and City Jetta in Canada and Jetta Clasico in Mexico up through 2014. 

 * All except five cylinder

 Free Fedex Ground shipping to lower 48 state domestic USA addresses. Shipping to Canada is around $30. HI and AK are excluded from Flat Rate / free shipping. For a quote, please email your complete address to

Made in USA!


Customer Reviews

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I Have had this installed for close to a decade now and it does not have a mark one it!!!
Just after i installed it Ottawa got one of it's worst winter storms, travelling back home following a tractor trailer, he dropped of a massive chunk of solid ice of the mudflap at about 45 mph, couldn't go left or right out of the snoe lane ruts or I'm in the ditch with family in car!!! Hit it straight on and WOW what a thud, with everyone else asking "what the heck was that?". My response was nothing to worry about,....but I was. looked at all the gauges, ok, kept on going home (another 300miles). Got home and went to wor the next day and put her up on the hoist, NOT A MARK!!!!
Money really well spent, Thanks Jim!
Cheers Brother,
Dave U

AMAZING KIT! Saved my engine numerous times!

When this kit arrived I was very impressed with the parts even as they sat next to my car. As I installed everything, the quality of the parts, final fit and finish on everything impressed me. I did the install mostly by myself. Get the car on ramps for sure. If you don't want to rest the skidplate on your chest while you thread in a few bolts, get a buddy to help.
Rivnut install went very well, instructions and videos were good. All recommended tools did the job and the subframe caps were a nice touch other skidplates probably don't include.

Now for the GOOD stuff. After this sucker was installed I had a road trip and we were all over the place. Well, I didn't mean to do this, but I PLOWED into a huge paved bump after crossing a cattle guard. I knew the guard was there going one way, but forgot on the way back out! Going 30-40mph, I touched the brakes but too late: BAM, BANG!! The impact bashed the car up pretty high even the rear hit, and I coasted to the side of the road as we thought I'd just obliterated my new skid plate, or worse; annihilated my oil pan. I'm lucky the airbags weren't triggered.
I shut the car off and looked under the front; TIS BUT A SCRATCH! Well, it was many scratches, but they weren't gouged very deep and the skidplate basically deflected the pavement and saved the day. Since then I've had numerous light scrapes, but it looks great underneath still and gives me peace of mind, even now that the car is lifted 3".

MK4 R32 Full Metal Jacket

I have spent $$$$ over the years replacing the plastic "skid plates" on the underside of my 2004 R32 (which I have owned since new). I wish I had purchase the panzer and side skirts right from the start. Everything was easy to install and the fitment was perfect. The modifications to the R32 plastic was simple (don't be afraid). The customer service is very informative and friendly. Bravo DieselGeek!

Amazing product. Needed to modify to fit.

The craftsmanship and quality is apparent right out of the box. Bolts right in place unless you are one of the rare ones that have a 4Motion TDI with PD150. The side skirts do not have the cutouts for the transmission and Haldex cooler ducts that come equipped on Bora/Jetta 4Motion models. Needed to do some trimming as well to allow for the front mount inter cooler and piping. I can't fault them that this isn't something they were able to test out but the description of "This combo works with all MK4 cars worldwide" isn't correct.

John Phillips
Semi tire protection

I just got my 3rd tdi a few weeks ago. The wife said what I save on the purchase I can spend on the car. So first purchase was the skid plate kit. The oem junk was not even on the car. About a week after I got it on a semi’s tire blew on the highway about 100 yards in front of me. Being in the middle lane all the pieces were pelting the car. A big piece went under the car. I could feel it lift about an inch. After stopping and pulling the seat off I looked at the bottom of the plate. Not even a scratch. Good job guys. Worked perfectly.

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