Metalnerd Timing Belt Tool Kit for 1996-1997 Passat TDI and 1997- mid-1999 Jetta III TDI (1Z or AHU engine)


All of the tools you need to change the timing belt in your B4 Passat TDI or Jetta III TDI in the least amount of time. Using the tools is the only way to do this job correctly.

Tool Kit includes:

1. Timing sprocket holding tool. This is the long green tool above. The pins on the right stick into the spokes of the cam sprocket and allow you to loosen or tighten the bolt holding the cam sprocket. It is imperative that you use this tool when you tighten the cam sprocket bolt since the cam locking plate is not designed to hold the cam while applying torque to the bolt. You will bend the cam locking plate or worse yet, you will break your camshaft if you do not use this tool to counterhold the cam pulley!

2. Cam locking plate. This is the shiny "M" shaped tool just left of center in the picture. It inserts into the slot at the driver side of the cam to lock it into Top Dead Center. Never, ever put load on the cam sprocket with this plate inserted into the cam slot. You will bend the plate and/or break your camshaft.

3. Crankshaft locking tool. This is the shiny pear shaped tool with the two allen bolts in the lower right of the picture. This "no-torque" tool simply holds the crankshaft firmly at the Top Dead Center position since it always wants to roll off TDC. Saves the headache of constantly checking whether you are at TDC during the last steps of a belt change.

4. Injection pump locking pin. This pin is just below the green bar in the picture. This pin is inserted through the pump sprocket and into the injection pump to lock it into Top Dead Center position.

5. Timing belt tensioner spanner wrench (black handle, bottom left). For precise tensioning of your timing belt during the install process. Hint: Remember to leave the tensioner nut just slightly loose or barely snug when tensioning the belt. Finish tightening after belt tension is set.

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