P2015 Code Repair Bracket for 2.0 CR TDI with black plastic manifold 03L 129 711AG


This part is not for cars sold in the US or Canada!

***Does NOT fit gasoline engines***

The Common Rail TDI intake manifold fault code P2015 is a very common error seen by thousands of drivers of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda cars. The only way to fix this until recently was replacing the whole intake manifold which costs up to 800 Euros for the parts plus labor. Our CNC bracket set was designed to limit the range of motion of the V157 flapper motor (03L 129 086 V120) to the exact same range as when your intake manifold was new. This eliminates the possibility for the mechanism to go out of range which is the cause of the P2015 error. Our repair kit may also clear P2008 error codes.

International shipping: We ship these repair brackets via 2-4 day FedEx International Priority® Envelope service only. FedEx requires local taxes and/or brokerage fees to be paid upon delivery.

Install: In the past, we have recommended that you remove the intake manifold to install this bracket as the first video below shows. Recently, we have had a dozen or so customers install the bracket on the manifold while the manifold was mounted to the engine. This saves a lot of time, money and risk since you don't have to open and remove the fuel lines to do it this way. Since we do not have this manifold in the US we have not been able to perform the repair ourselves on a manifold mounted to an engine. We do have a basic rundown of what you would need to do in the second video below. We are including a modified top plate with a notched hook in it so that you can install the part on a manifold that has not been removed.

Tools Required: After you remove the intake manifold you will need a T30 Torx screwdriver or socket to install this part. If the bracket set does not clear the code then it will likely be necessary to scan the car with VCDS to help us diagnose the source of your issue. Click here for third party intake manifold removal procedure for the aluminum type manifold.

P2015 - 000 - Implausible Signal - MIL ON

This bracket fits black plastic intake manifold 03L 129 711AG found ONLY OUTSIDE of the United States and Canada on 2.0 liter four cylinder diesel engines.(see third picture above) Not for V6 TDI or the gasoline 2.0TFSI engine. If your car was purchased in the US or Canada then you have the aluminum manifold and cannot use this version of the bracket. Likewise, if you are outside of the US or Canada and have the much more common aluminum intake manifold then you need the P2015 repair bracketinstead.

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Patric Nilson
P2015 manifold fix

I was very reluctant from the start, seemed to be too good to be true. But, I only works, I didn't even needed to reset the error. Top notch fix, perfect!
The installation without removing the manifold is not hard but you need to be patient and it take some hours. I was able to do it without the special wrench, however, if you can get it, it will save you a lot of time.

Tobias Starck
Had to redo it...

My light came back on after a day or two. Redid everything but the light stayed lit. Used a obd to clear the fault but the light came back after two tor three starts. Checked everything and realized the bracket wasn't sitting flush but I couldn't do it any other way.
Today, I tried with a zip tie lifting up the arm and then I got the bracket flush on. Tightened everything and light was gone after I cleared it again with the obd. After 15+ starts light is still out and I hope its fixed now!

Tobias Starck
It just works!

It was my first time working on a modern car (audi a4 allroad 2010) so I spent two hours figuring out how to remove the electrical connectors and whatnot. Then a good hour or two modifying a tool to reach the t30 screw. But after that it was pretty easy and took 20 mins to install! Started the car and the engine light was off!!! The shop here in Sweden quoted me 9000 sek to fix it and I paid 60 bucks and then 240sek for import taxes and fixed it myself.
Thank you so much DieselGeek!

Monté sans démontage collecteur

Bonjour, reçu en 2 jours avec Fedex, pièce montée en 45min, j'ai un collecteur aluminium et j'ai monté cette pièce là et non celle faite exprès. C'est du coup moins facile à monter mais ça fonctionne. J'ai uniquement desserré et enlevé les 3 vis de fixation du petit boîtier où il faut insérer le kit, (les 3 vis grises visibles: 2 au dessus du mécanisme et 1 en bas où il faut insérer la pièce) puis remonté et après 3 démarrages plus de voyant et aucun soucis (le model proposé exprès pour collecteur en aluminium est bien entendu plus simple a monter car évite des petits soucis de maintient en place du kit au remontage, mais je répète c'est faisable avec ce kit là) . Avec seulement 1 petit tournevis embout Torx30 sans debrancher de fil ni de durite. Merci c'est parfait. Anthony

Bengt Holback
Bracket fitted without demounting the manifold

After 5 hours of hard work I managed to fit the P2015 Code Repair Bracket for black plastic manifold on my Tiguan 2.0 TDI. The main problems was the narrow workspace to reach the screws. A simple handle had to be made so I could hold the bracket and get it into place. But first a Torx T30 ratchet tool had to be modified to make it ”short” enough to get it in between the screw head and the motor wall. However, it could not be made short enough (18.5 mm) to be able to open the screw enough to fit the 3 mm thick original swing top plate. A new one was made of 1,5 mm steel. One of the screw holes was then opened and the plate could be fitted by turning it downward over the loosened screw. (There is not space enough to swing it into place from below as shown in the video).
So, about 1000 USD saved. Thank You!

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