Six Speed Metal Side to Side Reduction Bracket for 2008 and newer cars

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This product has been discountinued. It has been replaced by our redesigned billet replacement part HERE!

In 2008, VW and Audi decided to cut some costs and get rid of the all-metal side to side shifter bracket that they used on year models 2000-2007. The part they replaced it with is made of plastic and frankly, it sucks. The plastic part does not have separate plastic bushings to ride in the aluminum pivot tube and that makes for a sloppy fit and in areas where road salt is used it can allow aluminum corrosion to begin which eventually seizes up the plastic bellcrank. This makes for stiffer and stiffer shifting until it finally can shift no more. Then you have a real headache on your hands when you have to try to remove the seized plastic pin. 

So, what we have done is we have made and assembled the correct parts to allow you to switch to an all-metal side to side bracket like the earlier cars. The main part is a factory metal bellcrank from the VW dealer along with all of the necessary bits to make it work with the later front to back shifter bracket. This includes a special offset pair of Perfect Pivot cable end bushings, our Super Slider and our high performance custom set of 1J0 711 067L bushings along with a pair of N 908 159 03 shiny clips to hold everything together. We also include a precision made 5mm shifter alignment pin so you can adjust your shifter after the install. You will need nothing else!

Oh, and one more thing, this kit gives an approximate 20% throw reduction for the left to right shifting action. Icing on the cake!

Install: You will be reusing your plastic side to side cable end with this kit just like you do with our Sigma Short Shift kit. The stock side to side cable end is perfect for the task as it is under very little load when shifting. It is also very easy to get the adjustment right with the stock cable end. You will remove the soft rubber insert from the stock cable end and then you will install the white plastic Perfect Pivot bushings in the cable end like the picture to the left shows. Preparing your stock cable end is shown in the first half of the second video below.

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The video at bottom shows how to convert your cable end with the custom Perfect Pivot bushings. A new video is coming soon.