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Finally there is a high performance replacement for your stock slider or "friction piece" as VW calls it. Our CNC machined slider snaps onto your stock side to side bell crank's 10mm ball with a very gratifying SNAP! The tolerances on the Super Slider are so tight that there is no slop whatsoever between the 10mm ball and the groove in the front to back shift lever it slides into. This part will take out all of the side to side slop in the union between the front to back and side to side shift bracket. The Super Slider was made in the USA on American machines and is guaranteed to last forever, too! Fits all 2000 through 2007 MK4 and MK5 stock VAG five speed or six speed shifters including other manufacturer's short shift kits (All with a metal bell crank, not plastic). This includes the Audi TT Mk1. We have the 11mm Super Slider for 2008-2020 plastic bell cranks here. Does not fit the Dieselgeek Sigma Shifter as our shifters are equipped with custom high performance sliders. Please note: The Sigma Short Shifter comes with it's own special slider so you cannot use the Super Slider with a Sigma Shifter.

US shipping: Get free FedEx 2nd day shipping when you order this kit with the Deluxe Mk4 Shifter Bushing Kit!  We offer and highly recommend $7.99 FedEx 2 Day shipping on this item alone if you are in any sort of hurry to get it.  Slower US Postal Service shipping is around $3.00.  We ship Monday through Friday from Colorado except on holidays.   

International shipping:  USPS shipping is currently suspended due to system backlogs. In these uncertain times we offer the slightly more expensive but much faster FedEx International Economy® service. FedEx will likely collect local taxes upon delivery.  Also, for Canada, the new USMCA trade agreement will reduce taxes and duties on this item.

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David Nash
Super Slider Install

This could not have gone much easier. the videos you produced cleared all of this up before I even received my parts. I chose to remove the battery and air filter housing, to give me a little more room to maneuver, but am not so sure i really needed it. Everything went smooth!! Thanks for the parts, and even more thanks for the videos!!


The corrosion had chewed up my slider and was so bad that the super slider would barely fit. A little wire brush work and some fine sandpaper polishing allowed it to perfectly mate together and prove the name is accurate. Slides so easily but is crisp . To be honest I used the deluxe bushing kit too so the total effect is fantastic.

100% on spot on

I have a 2006 rabbit with 182,000 miles on it, the shifter was lose, and not sturdy at all. I bought the Super Slider and I was hesitant. I install the part and everything changed, shifting feels better, shifter is sturdy and feels like a new shifter. Great purchase thanks DieselGeek

Easy to install, excellent results

Only had to remove two toolless clips to free the lateral shift arm from the transmission, remove the worn original slider, wipe off the pivots, snap the 10mm super slider on and reassemble. The original slider was so worn that distinguishing between 1st/3rd or 2nd/4th gear was vague at best, and inspired fears of accidental 5th to 2nd gear shifts at the worst. With the DieselGeek Super Slider installed, I can confidently select the desired gear as I should be able to.

Super slider

This product is great.There is zero slop in this joint now Thank you Dieselgeek

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