Broken Block Repair

Save your broken VW engine!

  Has your VW engine fallen down? Put it back up where it belongs with one of our Van Gogh broken engine repair kits. As you know, the VW cast iron engine blocks in MK4 and MK5 TDI and gas powered 4 cylinder engines have weak spot. In collisions or a botched timing belt job, the small cast iron threaded mounting point on the rear of the engine block can break off which, until a few years ago, rendered the block useless. The mounting point is just behind the timing belt. Our lifetime repair bracket adds a new bulletproof mounting point to the engine block which saves the engine.

  The Dieselgeek VanGogh engine block repair brackets do not require removal of the engine to install. They were designed to simply bolt onto your damaged engine block with existing factory threaded holes close to the broken "ear" on the upper rear corner of the block just behind the timing belt. We have a 100% success record with these kits.