Sigma 6 Six Speed Short Shift Kit

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The new Sigma 6 now has lower friction and a much easier install! 

  Jan. 7 2022 - We are waiting on 1 part from our machinist. We expect to be shipping this product once again 1/28/22. We will remove this note once we have these back in stock. If you'd like to be notified when we re-stock drop us a note to and we'll put you on the list.  

After several months of tinkering, we've come up with some revolutionary changes to the Sigma 6 Shifter. The goal was to keep all of the goodness that is Sigma but reduce the time it takes to install the shifter and get the adjustment right the first time. First new feature on the list for 2021 is the Nutbar for the front to back cable end. This CNC-machined stainless steel plate is threaded for all four clamping screws on the billet aluminum Sigma cable end. This allows you to use one hand when tightening down the four Allen screws. Before there were individual nuts which required you to hold them with a wrench from underneath. The Nutbar is a big change and will save at least ten minutes of install time. 

  The second and even larger change is the switch to precision machined Delrin inserts for your stock side to side cable end which is used for gate selection. By switching back to a hopped up stock cable end, the super slick adjustment function is retained and makes the adjustment, or readjustment, a breeze! The Perfect Pivot Delrin inserts do not have any extra play in them which means that they only rotate on the precision pins. They do not flex side to side like stock cable ends and will transfer motion without any losses. The time savings from an install standpoint is a 30 minute reduction at least and the process is much easier. And, if you get the first adjustment wrong, readjustment is only a one minute affair. The New 2021 Sigma's ease of adjustment is incredible and should not be underestimated! The Delrin Perfect Pivot bushings will also last forever as they are under very little load. There is no performance loss whatsoever over the previous Sigma cable end. It's all gain.

Fits the following cars:

2022 GTI Mk8
2022 Golf R Mk8
2012-2021 Golf R
2015-2021 Mk7 GTI
2007-2021 Golf and Jetta TDI
2009-2021 Jetta Sportwagen TDI and Golf Wagon, TDI and 1.8T gas
2017-2019 Golf Alltrack
2006-2021 Mk5-Mk6-MK7 GTI, GTD, and Jetta GLI
All Mk4 R32 and Mk5 R32
2008-2017 Passat CC
2012-2021 Passat TDI
2006-2016 Eos
2000-2021 Audi A3/S3 6spd
1999-2021 Audi TT Quattro
GTI 337/20th Anniversary Edition/24V VR6
Mk4 Jetta GLI 1.8T/VR6 and GLX 24V VR6
New Beetle "Turbo S" and 2012-2018 Beetle Turbo and TDI
Euro VW TDI 6 speed

The Sigma 6 fits all VAG cars with this linkage.

Please read this, especially if you have a Mk4.

If you are having any issues shifting we would suggest replacing any bad shifter bushings prior to installing the Sigma shifter. The Mk4's are getting on up there in age and it is likely that one or more bushings needs to be replaced. If you have bad bushings you will not be able to adjust the shifter properly. You should watch this YouTube video and do the test shown prior to installing your shifter:

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