02A Plastic Cable Holder 1J0 711 256


 The plastic shift cable holders on 1992 -1999 cable shift VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda cars are one of the weak links in the shift linkage. When they get about 10 years old they tend to get very brittle and develop a hairline crack that makes it harder and harder to get reverse and first gear. Also, the battery is usually mounted directly above this part in the engine bay and if the battery has ever leaked acid onto the cable holder that will greatly hastens the cable holder's demise. Get a new cable holder now before you get locked out of reverse! This factory cable holder purchased from our local VW dealer. The part number on the actual part is 1J0 711 260 but the actual number as per VW is 1J0 711 256. 

Fits the following cars: 

1993-1995 VW Corrado 
1993-1997 VW Passat 
1993-1999 VW Jetta GLX VR6
1993-1999 VW Golf, Jetta, and Vento TDI
1993-1999 VW Golf and GTI VR6 
1998-1999 VW New Beetle
1997-1999 VW MK4 Golf, GTI and Jetta
1996-2003 VW Caddy TDI
1997-1998 Audi A3
1997-1999 Seat Ibiza TDI
1992-1999 Seat Toledo TDI
1997-1999 Seat Cordoba TDI
1997-2000 Skoda Octavia

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Absolute nightmare

Order the delux bushing kit an honestly has been an absolute nightmare getting this piece to work no video to show how it goes in no instruction took everything apart from the tower an how it say it just slides in like no it does not just slide it if anything you probably break it just getting it in so fragile

Hey Anees -

I'm really sorry for the difficulty. The issue more likely than not is that corrosion has developed in pivot tube of the selector shaft. This can be removed using a 4-10 shotgun brush or with a 12mm drill turning by hand). We have a video documenting the procedure on the newer cars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPLk45AmcPk

This plastic cable holder is a genuine part sourced from our dealer. It *should slide right in. We go on and on about seized plastic bell cranks on the 2008+ cars however in truth we started seeing this problem a long time ago on the 02A.

Please don't hesitate to reach out directly if you need futher assistance.


Andrew Tringali
Get your gears back!

I bought the entire 02A shifter kit to refresh every part of the linkage on my '92 Passat's sloppy shifter. By far the biggest issue was that it was almost impossible to get into reverse.

It's pretty easy to install- unbolt the one nut on the old one, smack it with a hammer to pop it out, and unhook the shifter cable. Slip the shifter cable onto the new one, slide it back in, put the nut back on and you're done!

And WOW, what a difference it makes. It's the only part I've done so far, and it makes it so much easier to get into every gear, ESPECIALLY reverse. No more guessing!

I lost reverse, 1st, 2nd, 5th gears on 1999 vw bug

This little $39.00 part requires about 25 mins to install and it fixed my issue. While doing this repair, consider a new air filter because you are removing the entire air filter housing to replace the part. You’ll need flat blade screwdriver and a Phillip screwdriver and 13 mm socket and I had a 12” extension.
Thanks Jim.

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