02A Shift Cable End Bushing Set for 1989 - 1999 MK3 and MK4 cars


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We have your high performance cable end bushings for the cable shift 02A transmissions used from 1989-1999. Don't replace those shift cables, just replace the bushings! Guaranteed for as long as you own your car!  Cars with cable shift transmission include the Golf and Jetta VR6 and TDI models. These VW replacement bushings are made of both high grade Delrin and UHMW polyethylene and replaces the spongy black rubber bushings for both shift cables. Price is for a full set of bushings for one vehicle which assumes your early 90's car had the oval-headed cable end*  Made in the USA on US-made machinery.

*Early 02A cars such as the 1989-1993 Corrado, Golf VR6 and Passat were equipped with rectangular-headed front to back cables (see last picture). We have bushings for these rectangular-headed cables. If you have a car with a Rectangular headed front/back cable end then you must pick that option in the dropdown menu to the right. (The kit costs $6.00 more due to lower production numbers.)

Fits the following cars:

1989-1995 VW Corrado 
1990-1997 VW Passat 
1993-1999 VW Jetta GLX VR6
1991-1999 VW Golf, Jetta, and Vento TDI
1991-1999 VW Golf and GTI VR6 
1998-1999 VW New Beetle
1997-1999 VW MK4 Golf, GTI and Jetta
1996-2003 VW Caddy TDI
1997-1998 Audi A3
1997-1999 Seat Ibiza TDI
1992-1999 Seat Toledo TDI
1997-1999 Seat Cordoba TDI
1997-2000 Skoda Octavia

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Install: These parts install without dropping the exhaust and shift box. If you remove the plastic center console inside the car you will see how to extract the shifter from the center tunnel from the top. You will need circlip pliers to install the front to back bushing inside the cabin. See first video for an overview on accessing these bushings.  For the bushings on the transmission end please watch the second video below.

Customer Reviews

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Alejandro Rodriguez
Old TDI Like New !!!

I bought all (3) Shift Bushing Kits and the plastic cable holder bracket as recommended and installed all components to my 23 years old Jetta TDI and the shifter feels solid with crisp and direct shifts and no slop at all I definitely recommend to buy from Diesel Geek don’t waste your time and money with the competition !!!!

Jason Thib
As Advertised!!!

Several years ago I installed a refurb kit from another manufacturer that had stock type pieces. While it helped a lot I still had slop in the shifter. Recently installed all of the pieces DG has for the O2A trans and shifter (pieces mentioned at the beginning were still in good shape) and now there is little to no slack in the system. I personally feel this is better then when the car was new!! Now my Neuspeed short shifter can work as designed!!!

Robert Evola
I was skeptical ...

I obviously understood worn out bushings could cause slop in the shifting mechanism, but after replacing just the transmission side bushings (shifter side coming soon), I was amazed by how much improvement in shifter stiffness and control resulted from these bushings! I bought all 4 kits DG provides for the O2A, and am excited to complete the refresh on my shifter. Excellent quality product!

Anthony DiStefano
Great products!

Having purchased the now discontinued 02A short shifter kit many moons ago and the degradation of the reverse lockout bushing hastening a rebuild, I contacted Jim to find out what I needed for the refresh. Awesome stuff! After installation my Corrado honestly feels very much like my B6 S4. There is now zero slop. ZERO! Makes you wonder how these things were shifting with all that mushy stuff in there! We are lucky to have a company like Diesel geek making stuff for our cars!!! Highly recommend!

Great fix for sloppy transmission, just need a super slider

Slowly replacing all of the pieces in the shifter mechanism, and after swapping out the cabin side bushings (unfortunately I went with an oem kit, not the dieselgeek, which was a mistake, the bushings, although tighter, still have some play) This has made the biggest difference in my shifter slop. While the shifter before had a movement of 1-2 inches WHILE IN GEAR, these pieces have reduced the movement to .3-.5 inches. Once the slider on the transmission is replaced, it will be ready to move on for another 150,000 miles!

My one gripe is the side to side shifter bushing on the transmission side of the cable was ever so slightly too big to fit in (i could not even get it in clamping with a pair of pliers) after slightly sanding the front bezel with some 1000 grit sandpaper, it popped in.

Thanks Dieselgeek!

Customer Reviews

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