02A Super Slider for 1993-1999 VW


Volkswagen no longer produces 1J0 711 202B or 357 711 203D, the metal part shown to the left. We have made a new sliding piece to very precise dimensions to help bring A3 Jetta TDI, Jetta GLX VR6, Golf/GTI VR6, 1993-1995 Corrados and all 1993-1997 Passats back to life. Fits all 1993-1999 02A cable shift transmissions. This piece mounts onto your old steel relay lever on top of the transmission with two brass screws that we provide. The screws sit below flush so the part slides nice and smooth. You will need to remove the original black plastic sliding piece from your relay lever by cutting off the old plastic with a pair of wire cutters. Made in Texas, USA on US-made machinery.

This part will work best if used with a 1J0 711 256 plastic cable holder that is not old and worn out. 

Fits the following cars: 

1993-1995 VW Corrado 
1993-1997 VW Passat 
1993-1999 VW Jetta GLX VR6
1993-1999 VW Golf, Jetta, and Vento TDI
1993-1999 VW Golf and GTI VR6 
1998-1999 VW New Beetle
1997-1999 VW MK4 Golf, GTI and Jetta
1996-2003 VW Caddy TDI
1997-1998 Audi A3
1997-1999 Seat Ibiza TDI
1992-1999 Seat Toledo TDI
1997-1999 Seat Cordoba TDI 
1997-2000 Skoda Octavia

US shipping: Get free FedEx 2nd day shipping when you order this kit with the other two other 02A bushing sets!  We offer and highly recommend $7.99 FedEx 2 Day shipping on this item if you are in any sort of hurry to get it.  Slower US Postal Service shipping is around $3.00.  We ship Monday through Friday from Colorado except on holidays.

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Awesome thanks

Andrew T
A bit annoying to install, but worth it.

Swapped this out with I was replacing all of the bushings and the plastic guide piece on the transmission. The hardest part is removing the old worn out piece on the relay lever, but can be done with a set of wire cutters and some patience.

Improvements in shifting weren't as dramatic as they were when I replaced the cable holder, but I would definitely say it's better. IMO, if you're taking the rest of the linkage apart to replace bushings or the holder, you might as well do it all!

K.C. Caldwell
Super slider

I have a 99 Jetta MK4 that has over 220,000 miles on it. I was having problems getting in to first gear. I was about to bite the bullet and have the synchros replaced. I though that was the problem. I got the super slider along with the shifter bushings and cable bushings. It shifts like a brand new car!! It slides right in to first like butter. Awesome products

Kyle McKay
Amazing product!

I installed this super slider and the cable holder on my mk3 TDI because both were worn out and giving me the classic reverse and first gear issues.. and I have to say, this is how this part should’ve been designed in the first place! My mk3 shifts like new and I couldn’t be happier! Highly recommend

Anthony DiStefano
Another great product.

Replaced the slider my my 1992 Corrado. The factory piece quite literally fell apart in my hand. Diesel geek’s slider was precise and well made. Great product, great customer service, great installation tutorials ( this one didn’t need a video as it was pretty self explanatory), fast shipping and most importantly great shifts! I highly recommend this product!!

Customer Reviews

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