Deluxe Timing Belt Kit for 2015-2016 TDI Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Passat and Audi A3 (EA288)

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  Deluxe 23 piece Timing Belt Kit for the 2015- 2016 Golf, Golf Sportwagen, Jetta, Beetle, Passat, and Audi A3 TDI.  

  All 4 cylinder TDIs In the US and Canada market of model years 2015 and 2016 use either the CVCA or CRUA engine codes. These engines fall within the EA288 family. Our EA288 timing kit includes every part needed to quickly get the job done right! If you are planning a DIY replacement consider the specialty tool set sold separately. <LINK> We only supply INA, IPD, and Litens brand tensioner and idler rollers, not the cheaper and lower quality SKF or GMB parts found in our competitor's kits. A European-manufactured Hepu brand water pump with electronically controlled shroud allows for maximal flow as well as rapid warm up times. Truly Peace of Mind in a box!

Why our kit is better:

  • We buy our timing belts, serpentine belts, rollers, and tensioners directly from the OE manufacturers so we have the freshest stock with the least amount of handling and time in storage.
  • We offer proven, OE Brand water pumps 
  • All of the hardware included with this kit is OE direct from the VW dealer. No substitutions are made.
  • We've been selling timing kits since 2001 and our finely honed packaging system gets the parts to you in flawless shape.

What you get:

  • 04L 109 119 D Contitech Timing Belt, (Tier 1 OE supplier)
  • 04L 121 011 N Hepu Water Pump, (Tier 1 OE supplier) w/ electronically controlled variable displacement shrouded composite impeller - 100% identical to the factory water pump
  • 3x N 910 488 04 Water Pump Bolt
  • 03L 109 244 D INA Upper Timing Belt Idler roller, (Tier 1 OE supplier)
  • 04L 109 243 S IPD / Litens Timing Belt Tensioner, (Tier 1 OE supplier)
  • 03L 109 244 G INA Lower Timing Belt Idler roller, (Tier 1 OE supplier)
  • 04L 260 849 C  Gates long life serpentine belt
  • OE Hardware kit

OE Hardware Kit included at no additional cost:

  • N 912 040 01  M8x50 motor mount bolt 
  • N 910 296 02 M10x55 motor mount bolt 
  • N 107 069 01 M10x55 motor mount bolt w/o stud 
  • 2x N 105 524 04 M12x70 motor mount bolt 
  • N 107 737 01 M10x105 motor mount bolt 
  • 2x N 106 995 01 M10x95 motor mount bolt 
  • 038 109 454A Always-replace 8mm shoulder nut for Tensioner 
  • N 015 083 11 Always-replace 8mm shoulder nut for idler roller 
  • 4x N 910 488 04 Harmonic balancer Pulley bolt 

  The instructional video is a digital product providing a 90-day streaming subscription to our EA288 timing kit replacement video. Access to the digital content will automatically be granted by email once you complete your purchase; simply click the Access Content button. (Photo below.) The Access Content button will launch a video player on our webstore.

The origin email address is <> subject Instructional Video from Dieselgeek. If you don't see it right away, please check Spam or Promotions. 


Fits the CVCA and CRUA engine codes found in the following vehicles:

2015-2016 Jetta TDI MK6

2015-2016 Golf and Golf Sportwagen TDI MK7

2015-2016 Passat TDI NMS

2015-2016 Beetle TDI 

2015-2016 Audi A3 TDI 

    Customer Reviews

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    Passat TDI EA288 Timing belt kit

    Complete timing belt kit I brought the tools to replace the timing belt from Diesel Geek. The video was a great help to make the replacement of timing belt and other components easy. One more pro tip! A set of Knipex Tools 85 51 250 A, 10" Hose Clamp Pliers makes the removal of all the pipe clamps much easier. Highly recommend buying a set of these before starting this job.

    If you follow the video it is an easy job to do. I took my time and worked for an hour at a time over the weekend. probably took me less than 5 hours to do. if I had to do it again it would be much faster.

    Highly recommend this kit.

    Jan C.
    Excellent parts kit, tool kit, and video!

    I ordered the timing belt kit (with the video) and the tool kit, and it arrived the next day (I'm not too far away in CO, but still, super quick shipping). Everything was perfectly packaged. I set aside a day to do the job, and, I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was a joy to do the service. The money and time saved was secondary only to knowing that everything was done 100% properly. I'll leave this review under the parts kit, video, and tool kit.

    Timing belt parts kit: includes everything to do the job, and the parts were all top quality, and obviously everything fit perfectly. Couldn't be happier at any price, but considering it was about 1/3 of the dealer quote for parts, well, that's just crazy.

    Instructional video: this was easily THE BEST video I've ever seen for auto repair (or anything else for that matter). The clarity and level of detail was excellent. I watched it all the way through beforehand, and then just watched and paused while doing the job. When you're finished, you know you did everything 100% right.

    Tool kit: unless you happen to already have specialty tools like the crank lock tool and the tri-spanner, then this kit is absolutely essential for doing the timing belt service. Everything worked perfectly.

    Customer Reviews

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