Shifter Bushings

Make your VW shifter feel like new!

  Our VW shifter bushings will save you a ton of money and get your shifter working like new! As the MK4 generation cars are getting older, weaknesses in the stock VW shifter mechanism are showing up and we have inexpensive fixes for them here. Many YouTube videos are available on each product page to help you get your car fixed fast!
Deluxe Shifter Bushing kit for 2008+ MK5 and Mk6 vehicles
Solid Stick VW Shifter SHAFT Bushing Kit
Shifter Alignment Pin Tool for VW and Audi
Cable Saver Replacement Cable End Bushings for MK5 and MK6
First Gear Getter for 2008 and newer VW and Audi
Super Slider for 2008 and newer VW and Audi
Sigma 6 Six Speed Short Shift Kit
Sigma 5 Five Speed Short Shifter for MK5, MK6, and MK7